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80's Metal Bands


Album titles were: 1985 Bonded by Blood, 1987 Pleasures of the Flesh, 1989 Fabulous Disaster, 1990 Impact is Imminent, and 1992 Force of Habit.

This is one of the earliest thrash metal bands. Kirk Hammett was part of the very first line-up although he left before any albums were recorded. Exodus made some good albums over the years but failed to match the commercial bands. They are still around and in 1997 recorded a live album. The current line-up is Paul Baloff, Rick Hunolt, Gary Holt, Jack Gibson, and Tom Hunting.

Faith No More

These are the album titles from left to right: 1985 We Care Alot, 1987 Introduce Yourself, 1989 The Real Thing, 1992 Angel Dust, 1995 King For A Day, Fool For A Lifetime, 1997 Album of the Year

In 1981 Billy Gould, Mike Bordin, Wade Worthington, and Mike Morris form a band called Sharp Young Men, Which they changed to Faith No Man, then in 1982 Wade leaves the band and Roddy Bettum joins. Then Mike Morris gets kicked out and they change the name to Faith No More. In 1983 Chuck Mosely joins and in 1984 Jim Martin joins and the band signs with an independant label. In 1988 Mosely is fired for his attitude and drug problems and then sues the band. The band hires Mike Patton and in 1990 they were nominated for a grammy but lost. They become popular in the UK and hit the US top 10, and The Real Thing went double platinum. In 1993 Jim Martin is fired and Dean Menta ia hired. Then in 1996 Menta is fired and Jon Hudson joins.

Fates Warning

These are the album titles from left to right: 1984 Night on Brocken, 1985 The Spectre Within, 1986 Awaken the Guardian, 1988 No Exit, 1989 Perfect Symmetry, 1991 Parallels, 1994 Inside Out, 1997 A Pleasant Shade of Gray, 1998 Still Life

In 1983 Fates Warning was formed and in 1984 they signed with Metal Blade Records. In 1986 Victor Arduini was replaced with Frank Aresti. In 1987 Ray Alder was replaced with John Arch. In 1988 the band reached 111 on the Billboard charts. Mark Zonder is replaced with Steve Zimmerman during that same year. In 1996 Frank Aresti and Joe DiBiase leaves the band and Joey Vera joins. The current line-up is Ray Alder, Jim Matheos, Joey Vera, Kevin Moore, and Mark Zonder.

Flotsam & Jetsam

These are the album titles from left to right: 1986 Doomsday For the Deceiver, 1988 No Place For Disgrace, 1990 When the Storm Comes Down, 1992 Cuatro, 1995 Drift, 1997 High

This speed metal band was formed by Jason Newsted and Kelly Smith, along with Eric Knutson, Michael Gilbert, and Ed Carlson. Newsted left in 1986 to join Metallica but the band contined on making metal and is still around today. The current line-up is Eric Knutson, Ed Carlson, Jason Ward, Craig Neilson, and Mark T Simpson.


These are the album titles from left to right: 1988 Forbidden Evil, 1990 Twisted into Form, 1995 Distortion, 1997 Green

Forbidden were from San francisco CA and were a thrash metal band formed in the late 80's. the band had some success early in their career but had too many record label problems and so broke up in 1997. The last lineup was Russ Anderson-vocals, Craig Locicero-guitars, Tim Calvert-guitars, Matt Camacho-bass, Steve Jacobs-drums.

Frehley's Comet

These are the album titles from left to right: 1987 Frehley's Comet, 1988 Second Sighting, 1989 Trouble Walkin'

Ace Frehley played in many small bands before joining Kiss in 1973. In 1978 each member of Kiss did a solo album and Frehley's was the best and sold the most copies. In 1982 Frehley was in an accident and was replaced by Vinnie Vincent. Some years later Frehley formed his own band called Frehley's Comet.

Gamma Ray

These are the album titles from left to right: 1989 Heading for Tomorrow, 1991 Sigh No More, 1993 Insanity and Genius, 1995 Land of the Free, 1997 Somewhere Out In Space, 1999 Powerplant, 2001 No World Order

Gamma Ray are from Germany and was formed in the late 80's by Kai Hansen after leaving Helloween. The group is a power metal band that are still active and has just released a new album for 2001. The current lineup is Kai Hansen-vocals/guitars, Henjo Richter-guitars/keyboards, Dirk Schlachter-bass, Dan Zimmermann-drums.

Grave Digger

These are the album titles from left to right: 1984 Heavy Metal Breakdown, 1985 Witch Hunters, 1986 War Games, 1993 The Reaper, 1995 Heart of Darkness, 1996 Tunes of War, 1998 Knights of the Cross, 1999 Excalibur, 2001 the Grave Digger

Grave Digger are from Germany and are a power metal band that formed in the early 80's. The band split up in 1987 and reformed in 1993 and are still active today. They just released a new album in 2001. The current lineup are: Chris Boltendahl-vocals, Manni Schmidt-guitars, Jens Becker-bass, Stefan Arnold-drums, Hp Katzenburg-keyboards.

Grim Reaper

These are the album titles from left to right: 1983 See You In Hell, (not shown)1984 Rock You To Hell, (not shown)1985 Fear No Evil

This is a good Metal band that never really made it big. They only released three albums, "See you in Hell", "Rock you to Hell", and "Fear no Evil". See you in Hell and Fear no Evil are great albums but almost impossible to find. The final line-up was Steve Grimmett, Nick Bowcott, Dave Wanklin, and Lee Harris.

The Trooper's Review:
"See You In Hell" is one of my all time favorites! It is their best.


These are the album titles from left to right: 1988 Hell-O, 1990 Scumdogs of the Universe, 1992 America Must be Destroyed, 1994 This Toilet Earth, 1995 Ragnarok, 1997 Carnival of Chaos

This is a heavy metal band from Virginia. They perform acts onstage while singing, each member wearing a different costume and up to 18 or more members at once participating, each with their own role. The members are also in a band called X-Cops. The current members are Dave Brockie, Mike Derks, Peter Lee, Casey Orr, Danyell Stampe, Chuck Varga, and Brad Roberts.


The album title is Apocalyptic Raids 1990 A.D.(1984)

This was one of the origonal black metal bands. The music is very dark and heavily influenced by Black Sabbath. The band changed the name to Celtic Frost, along with the same line-up: Tom G. Warrior, Martin E. Ain, and Bruce Day


These are the album titles from left to right: 1985 Walls of Jericho, 1987 Keeper of the Seven Keys Part I, 1988 Keeper of the Seven Keys Part II, 1991 Pink Bubbles Go Ape, 1993 Chameleon, 1994 Master of the Rings, 1996 Time of the Oath, 1998 Better than Raw

This is a thrash band from Germany who started out with Kai Hansen and Piet Sielck in 1979. The bands name was first called Gentry and was then changed to Iron fist, and finally in 1985 they changed the name to Helloween and released their first full length album. Through the years the band changed members and then in 1996 tragedy truck when member Ingo Schwichtenberg committed suicide by jumping in front of a train. The current members are Andi Deris, Michael Weikath, Roland Grapow, Marcus Grobkopf, and Uli Kusch.


These are the album titles from left to right: 1984 Burning Star, 1986 Remnants of War, 1988 A Distant Thunder, 1989 Nosferatu, and 1995 Multiples of Black

This is a great Metal band from the U.S. that never made it big, but deserved more popularity. They released five albums and the first three were the best. The first was "Burning Star" and was a great album. The second, "Remnants of War", also another good one. The third album, "A Distant Thunder", which is also very good. These albums are also tough to find accept for A distant thunder and their latest albums. The origonal line-up was Larry Barragan, Tom Rogers, Paul Medina, Hector Pevon, and James Rivera.

The Trooper's Review:
"Burning Star" is one of my all time favorites! 4 stars to "A Distant Thunder and 3 to "remnants of War".


These are the album titles from left to right: 1985 Raging Violence, 1986 Hate, Fear and Power, 2001 Barrage of Noise

Hirax was formed in the early 80's in Los Angeles CA and was one of the first thrash metal bands around. Katon W. Depena/vocals formed the band. In the mid 80's Hirax did alot of local tours with well known bands. They built up an incredibly large following over the years but still never made it out of the underground. They released only two regular albums and a live one before they disbanded in the late 80's. After a decade of silence the band has returned with a vengeance, releasing the new album "Barrage of Noise", which is their best to date. The current lineup are: Katon W. Depena-vocals, James Joseph Hubler-guitars, Mike Brickman-bass, Dan Bellinger-drums and Jim Durkin-guitars.

The Trooper's Review:
Five Stars to Hirax and their long awaited return and the new eight song album, "Barrage of Noise" which is their best album to date. This album sounds great! Welcome back HIRAX! Metal Rules, Forever! The Trooper.


These are the album titles from left to right: (not shown)1981 The Nightcomers, (not shown)1984 No Man's Land, (not shown)1989 The Sound of Souls, 1992 Hypnosis of Birds, 1996 Spirits Fly, 1997 Covenant

This is a heavy metal band from Scotland. Member Ed Dudley left the band and formed Hologram which soon after disbanded. The band went through lineup changes and even separated for a while and then reformed again. The current line-up is John Mortimer, David Rosie, and Steve Cowen


These are the album titles from left to right: 1984 Ample Destruction, 1994 Dissident Alliance, 1997 The Fourth Judgment, 1998 Age of Mastery, 2000 Thane to the Throne, 2001 Mechanized Warfare

Jag Panzer was formed in the early 80's in Colorado. They are a traditional power metal band and are still active today. The band has just released a new album in 2001. The current lineup is Harry Conklin-vocals, Chris Broderick-guitars, Mark Briody-guitars, John Tetley-bass, and Rikard Stjernguist-drums.

Jane's Addiction

These are the album titles from left to right: 1988 Nothing's Shocking, 1990 Ritual De Lo Habitual

Farrell started out in a band called Psi Com but it broke up due to religious beliefs. Farrell then went on to form Jane's Addiction, named after a drug addicted prostitute who supported the band during their early years. The band was an instant success. The lyrics talked about the dangers of the world like money, television, and especially the government. The albums were banned for a short time due to the graphic covers. Despite this the band hit the charts and Ritual De Lo Habitual went gold. Despite their success the band was falling apart. They would fist fight on stage and they were living up to their name, due to the fact that drugs were of high importance to the members. Eventually they broke up and Steve and Perry formed Porno For Pyros. That band failed and they reunited. They went on tour and sold out almost everywhere, some places within a matter of minutes! Eventually they broke up again, and have side projects going on. The line-up was Eric Avery, Steve Perkins, David Navarro, and Perry Farrell

King Diamond

These are the album titles from left to right: 1986 Fatal Portrait, 1987 Abigail, 1988 Them, 1989 Conspiracy, 1990 The Eye, 1995 The Spiders Lullabye, 1996 The Graveyard, 1998 Voodoo

This is a heavy metal band from Denmark. After the breakup of Mercyful Fate the frontman King Diamond started his own band. The music was similar to MF although the satanic influences were toned down and the lyrics were written as horror stories instead. Mercyful Fate has reformed and King Diamond is actually working with both bands now. The current line-up is King Diamond, Andy LaRocque, Herb Simonsen, Chris Estes, and John Herbert.

King's X

These are the album titles from left to right: 1988 Out of the Silent Planet, 1989 Gretchen Goes to Nebraska, 1990 Faith, Hope, Love, 1992 Kings X, 1994 Dogman, 1996 Ear Candy, 1998 Tapehead, 2000 Please Come Home...Mr. Bulbous, 2001 Manic Moonlight

Kings X was formed in Houston TX in the late 80's and are still active today. The sound of the band is very different from most metal bands and not many sound like them at all. The current lineup is Doug Pinnick-vocals/bass, Ty Tabor-vocals/guitar, Jerry Gaskill-vocals/drums.


These are the album titles from left to right: 1985 Endless Pain, 1986 Pleasure To Kill, 1987 Terrible certainty, 1989 Extreme Aggression, 1990 Coma Of Souls, 1992 Renewal, 1995 Cause For Conflict, 1996 Scenarios Of Violence, 1997 Outcast, 1999 Endorama

This is a German metal band from the eighties that started out with a hard thrash sound to their music but most of their newer stuff has been aimed at a more gothic/indistrial genre. The current lineup for the band are: Mille Petrozza, Tommy Vetterli, Christian Geisler, and Jurgen "Ventor" Reil.

The Trooper's Review:
"Outcast" and "Endorama" are two of the best metal albums of the 90's. The new album, "Violent Revolution" also deserves 5 stars. It sounds great and is the best produced yet. It's one of the greatest albums to date so go and buy it now and set your mind on fire!


These are the album titles from left to right: 1982 Headhunter, (not shown)1984 Blitz, Dirty Dozen, Metal Rendez-Vous, (not shown)One Vice at a time, Hardware

This band formed in Switzerland in 1974. After four years they went from playing a sound like Genesis to more of a heavy sound like AC/DC. The songs were basic and had repeated choruses. The band had many line-up changes over the years, the origional was Chris Von Rohr, Fernando Von Arb, Jurg Naegeli, Tommy Kiefer, and Freddy Steady.

Living Colour

These are the album titles from left to right: 1988 Vivid, 1990 Time's Up, 1993 Stain, 1995 Pride

This was a band from the US that started in 1984 with Vernon Reid, Muzz Skillings, William Calhoun, and Corey Glover. Vivid hit #6 in the US and the band was known as the nation's most articulate black rock band. In 1995 the band broke up and Reid released a solo album.

Lizzy Borden

These are the album titles from left to right: 1985 Love you to Pieces, 1986 Menace to Society, 1987 Terror Rising, 1987 Visual Lies, 1989 Master of Disguise

This band formed in 1983 in Los Angeles and took their name from the axe murderess. They used alot of horror imagery in their songs and onstage acts. In 1987 they disbanded and Borden went on to make a solo album called Master of Disguise. They were a good 80's metal band that released six albums before breaking up.

The Trooper's Review:
"Love You To Pieces" & "Deal With the Devil" are the bands two greatest albums to date. "Love You To Pieces" is a metal classic and one of my all-time metal favorites. "Deal With the Devil" sounds great and is also one of my favorite albums.


These are the album titles from left to right: 1980 The Birthday Eve, 1981 Devil Soldier, 1983 Law of Devil's Land, 1984 Disillusion, 1985 Thunder in the East, 1986 Lightning Strikes, 1987 Hurricane Eyes, 1987 Jealousy, 1989 Soldier of Fortune, 1991 On the Prowl, 1993 Loudness, 1995 Heavy Metal Hippies, 1997 Ghetto Machine, 1998 Dragon

This is a Japanese metal band who followed in the footsteps of Bow Wow(the first japanese metal band). Their best album was Thunder in the East. The current line-up is Masaki Yamada, Akira Takasaki, Naoto Shibata, and Hiro Honma.

The Trooper's Review:
The best album Loudness ever made was "Thunder In The East", and one of my all time favorites.

Lynch Mob

These are the album titles from left to right: 1990 Wicked Sensation, 1992 Lynch Mob

This band was formed by George Lynch and Mick Brown after Dokken broke up. The music was more R&B instead of the hard rock Dokken sound. Neither album made it big and the band ultimately split up.

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