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Mega Metal Trivia

So, you think your a metal genius! Think you know all there is to know about metal? Well take this test and find out how much you really know! (any questions will be appreciated, just email me.

1. What guitarist played on Ozzy's Speak of the Devil album?

2. Who played bass on Dio's last In Line?

3. What band recorded "Welcome To the machine"?

4. What Slayer album has the song "Angel of Death"?

5. What does SOD stand for?

6. What are the names of Grim Reaper's three albums?

7. What is the name of Venom's first album?

8. What is the only album by Onslaught that Steve Grimmett sung on?

9. What band did Kirk Hammett join before Metallica?

10. Which Megadeth album was the song "Rattlehead" released?

11. What band recorded an album named Burning Star?

12. What band has a one-armed drummer?

13. What band recorded the song, "Good Morning Black Friday"?

14. What band recorded the song, "Thank God for the Bomb"?

15. What Iron Maiden album has the instrumental song, "Losfer Words"?

16. How many members does Anthrax currently have?

17. What does Dio mean in Italian?

18. Which Anthrax album was the song "Armed and Dangerous" from?

19. Which two popular guitarists started in the group Alcatrazz?

20. Which band recorded the album, The Dungeons are Calling?

21. Which band recorded the song, "Watch the Children Pray"?

22. Which band recorded the song, "Prophecy", in 1982?

23. Which band recorded the album, Soldiers Under Command?

24. Which black metal band recorded the song, "Come to the Sabbath"? What album was it from?

25. On Soundgarden's Badmotorfinger album, what is the picture inside the triangle on the cover?

Check your answers below and see how you scored:

1. Brad Gillis 2. Jimmy Bain 3. Pink Floyd 4. Reign In Blood 5. Stormtroopers of Death 6. See You in Hell, Rock You To Hell, Fear No Evil 7. Welcome To Hell 8. In Search of Sanity 9. Exodus 10. Killing is my Business...and Business is Good 11. Helstar 12. Def Leppard 13. Megadeth 14. Ozzy 15. Powerslave 16. four 17. God 18. Spreading the Disease 19. Steve Vai/Yngwie Malmsteen 20. Savatage 21. Metal Church 22. Queensryche 23. Stryper 24. Mercyful Fate, Don't Break the Oath 25. A Spark Plug

1-6 correct--Sorry your a prep! Go Away! Loser!

7-12 correct--You must be a beginner, read the rest of this site, you might learn something!!

13-18 correct--Your a mediocre Metal Head, nothing to be proud of or anything :)

19-25 correct--Cool! Your an Ultimate Metal Head!



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