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This site is dedicated to some of my favorite metal bands. If you like 70's, 80's, and 90's metal, then you have to check out this site!


70's Metal Bands


This is a list of the names of the albums above from left to right: 1976 High Voltage, 1975 TNT, 1976 Dirty Deeds done Dirt Cheap, 1977 Let there be Rock, 1978 Powerage, 1979 Highway to Hell, 1980 Back in Black, 1981 For those about to Rock, 1983 Flick of the Switch, 1985 Fly on the Wall, 1986 Who Made Who, 1988 Blow up your Video, 1990 The Razor's Edge, 1995 Ballbreaker.

This Australian band started back in 1973 with Angus and Malcolm Young, Colin Burgess, Larry Van Knedt, and Dave Evans. The band made numerous changes to their line-up and soon Burgess was replaced with R. Carpenter. Then Larry was replaced with R. Bailey. Carpenter was soon replaced with R. Coleman, who was replaced by P. Clark. Then Peter was replaced by Bon Scott. Then Bailey was replaced by Bruce Houwe. Then Evans was out of the band, and Houwe left and was replaced by George Young. Finally they produced their first album, "High Voltage". Then "TNT", "Dirty Deeds done Dirt Cheap", and "Let there be Rock" with the members Young-Young, Scott, Evans, and Phil Rudd. Then Mark left and Cliff Willaims joined. The next album was "Powerage", then "Highway to Hell". In 1980 Bon Scott was found dead in the backseat of a friend's car. He had been drinking heavily and is said to have died from passing out and choking on his vomit. The band found a replacement with Brian Johnson and went on to record "Back in Black", which became the highest selling heavy metal album ever, selling 10 million copies. The band went on to produce "For Those about to Rock we Salute You", which hit #1 on the Billboard charts. Then came "Flick of the Switch". After this album Phil Rudd was replaced with Simon Wright and they went on to make "Fly on the Wall", "Who Made Who", and "Blow up your Video". Then Simon left to join the band Dio, and Chris Slade joined. They went on to record "The Razor's Edge", and in 1995 Rudd came back to produce "Ballbreaker". A new album will be out soon.

Alice Cooper

Alice started out in 1969 and combined show business and rock-n-roll unlike any other. He had his own Marvel Comics in the 1970's and used his theatrical imagination for acts with the gilotine and electric chair, among others. His music defined teenage rebellion along with his outrageous stage acts, weird make-up and clothing, and loud, hard music. This is the list of albums made by Cooper over the years: Pretties for you, 1969 Freak Out, 1970? Easy Action, 1970 Love It To Death, 1971 Killer, 1972 School's Out, 1972 Billion Dollar Babies, 1973 Muscle of Love, 1973 Alice Cooper's Greatest Hits, 1974 Welcome To My Nightmare, 1975 Goes To Hell, 1976 Lace and Whiskey, 1977 From the Inside, 1978 Flush the Fashion, 1980 Special Forces, 1981 Zipper Catches Skin, 1981/2 Da Da, 1983 Constrictor, 1986 Raise Your Fist And Yell, 1987 Trash, 1989 Hey Stoopid, 1991 The Last Temptation, 1994 Classics, 1995 A Fistful of Alice, 1997

Black Sabbath

This is a list of album title from left to right: Black Sabbath 1970, Paranoid 1971, Master of Reality 1971, Volume4 1972, Sabbath Bloody Sabbath 1974, Sabotage 1975, We Sold our Souls for Rock & Roll 1976, Technical Ecstasy 1976, Never Say Die 1978, Heaven and Hell 1980, Mob Rules 1981, Live Evil 1982, Born Again 1983, Seventh Star 1986, The Eternal Idol 1987, Headless Cross 1989, Tyr 1990, Dehumanizer 1992, Cross Purposes 1994, Forbidden 1995, The Sabbath Stones 1996.

They are one of the oldest and greatest Heavy Metal bands that ever lived. They are the godfathers of metal. The Ozzy and Dio years were the greatest, but Black Sabbath are still going strong till this day, and continue to produce great Heavy Metal!Their line-ups have changed almost constantly throughout the years. Here is a brief list: 69-77 Ozzy, Iommi, Butler, Ward. 77-78 Walker, Iommi, Butler, Ward, Airey. 78-79 Ozzy, Iommi, Butler, Ward, Airey. 79-80 Dio, Butler, Iommi, Ward, Nicholls. 80-82 Dio, Iommi, Butler, Appice, Nicholls. 82-83 I. Gillan, Iommi, Butler, Ward, Nicholls. 84 Donato, Iommi, Butler, Ward, Nicholls. 85 Ozzy, Iommi, Butler, Ward. 85-86 Hughes, Iommi, Nicholls, Spitz, Singer. 86-87 R. Gillan, Iommi, Nicholls, Spitz, Singer. 87 Martin, Iommi, Spitz, Nicholls, Chimes. (changed up a few times during this year) 88-89 Martin, Nicholls, Iommi, Powell, Cottle. 91 Dio, Iommi, Nicholls, Butler, Powell. 92 R. Halford, Iommi, Butler, Appice, Nicholls. 93-94 Martin, Iommi, Butler, Nicholls, Rondinelli. 95 Martin, Iommi, Murray, Nicholls, Powell. 97-98 Ozzy, Iommi, Butler, Ward, Nicholls.

The Trooper's Review:
Sabbath with Dio is one of my all time favorite bands. The albums "Heaven and Hell" and "Mob Rules" are two of my most favorites. "Live Evil" is also a good live album. These 3 sabbath albums were the only released with Ronnie James Dio in the 80's.

Deep Purple

Here is a list of the album titles from left to right: Shades of Deep Purple 1968, The Book of Taliesyn 1968, Deep Purple 1969, Deep Purple in Rock 1970, Fireball 1971, Machine Head 1972, Who Do We Think We Are 1973, Burn 1974, Stormbringer 1974, Come Taste the Band 1975, Perfect Strangers 1984, The House of Blue Light 1987, Slaves and Masters 1990, The Battle Rages on...1993, Purpendicular 1996.

This band has had one of the biggest line-up changes over the years. Some of the main members who were in the band in the past were Ritchie Blackmore, Rod Evans, Glenn Hughes, Joe Lynn Turner, Tommy Bolin, Joe Satriani, David Coverdale, and Nick Simper. Their current line-up is Ian Paice, Ian Gillan, Jon Lord, Roger Glover, and Steve Morse. The band also has released a new album for 1998 called "Abandon".


These are the album titles: 1979 Breaking Loose, 1981 White Lace and Black Leather, 1983 No Rest For the Wicked, 1984 Walkin the Razor's Edge, 1985 Long Way to Heaven, 1987 Wild in the Streets, 1990 Back For Another Taste, and 1993 Its a Business Doing Pleasure

This Canadian band formed in 1978. They never made it really big although Capitol Records did sign them after their third album, then dropped them when they never produced a breakthrough. In 1992 Hackman tragically died in a tour bus accident. The origonal line-up was Paul Hackman, Keith Zurbrigg, Brian Vollmer, Brent Deorner and Brian Doerner

Iron Maiden

The names of the album pics are as follows from left to right: Iron Maiden 1980, Killers 1981, Number of the Beast 1982, Piece of Mind 1983, Powerslave 1984, Live After Death 1985, Somewhere in Time 1986, Seventh Son of a Seventh Son 1988, No Prayer for the Dying 1990, Fear of the Dark 1992, X-Factor 1995

They are another one of the oldest and greatest Metal bands of all time, second to Black Sabbath. Bruce Dickinson and Ronnie James Dio are my two personal favorite singers in Metal. Back in 1975 Steve Harris formed Iron Maiden. In 1979, "The Soundhouse Tapes" were released for their loyal fans only. 5000 copies were made and is a rare collector's item today. Their mascot, Eddie the monster helped them with their stage acts. The line-ups for Maiden are: 1980 Harris, Murray, Stratton, Burr, Dianno. 1981 Harris, Smith, Murray, Burr, Dianno. 1982 Harris, Murray, Burr, Smith, Dickinson. 1983-1988 Harris, Smith, Murray, Dickinson, McBrain. 1990-1992 Harris, Murray, Gers, Dickinson, McBrain. 1995-current Harris, Murray, Gers, McBrain, Bayley.They also have a new album out for 1998 called "virtual XI".

The Trooper's Review:
Maiden's greatest albums ever made are "Number of the Beast" "Piece of Mind" "Powerslave" "Somewhere In Time" "Seventh Son of a Seventh Son" and "No Prayer For the Dying". They are six of my all time favorite albums. "Live After Death" is also a very good live album, and all should be classic metal albums. Their new album, "Brave New World" is also a very good album. FIVE stars to that one.

Judas Priest

Here is a list of the album titles from left to right: Rocka Rolla 1974, Sad Wings of Destiny 1976, Sin After Sin 1977, Stained Glass 1978, Hell Bent for Leather 1978, Unleashed in the East 1979, British Stell 1980, Point of Entry 1981, Screaming for Vengeance 1982, Defenders of the Faith 1984, Turbo 1986, Ram it Down 1988, Painkiller 1990, Jugulator 1997

The band has had numerous drummer changes over the years, but the members Glenn, KK, Rob, and Ian have stayed together for over 20 years, until Rob Halford left in 1991. KK and Ian grew up together and started the band back in 1971. They played some gigs in England and then in 1973 Ian's girlfriend suggested her brother Rob Halford. Soon after Glenn also joined the band. Judas Priest are one of the oldest and greatest Heavy Metal bands that are still around today. Although R. Halford is no longer with the band, the new singer, Tim Ripper Owens, sounds good and fits right in. The new album, "Jugulator", is one of their best ever and should be in the collections of all Metalheads!

The Trooper's Review:
"Sin After Sin" is one of my favorite albums, and "British Steel" is another great album. 4 stars also to "Jugulator" which is a powerful 90's album that should be in every metalheads collection, whether old or new.

King Crimson

Here's a list of album titles from left to right: 1969 In the Court of the Crimson King, 1970 In the Wake of the Poseidon, 1970 Lizard, 1971 Islands, 1973 Larks Tongues in Aspic, 1974 Starless and Bible Black, 1981 Discipline, 1982 Beat, 1984 Three of A Perfect Pair, 1995 Thrak

King Crimson has been around for many years and started out with progressive style music and lyrics about mythological characters and settings. Their an English band that in the beginning consisted of Robert Fripp, Michael Giles, Greg Lake, and Ian McDonald. During the eighties the band members changed around a bit but went on making albums till the nineties.


This band has been around a long time and they are one of the most popular heavy metal bands. They have 22 Gold, 10 Platinum, and 2 multi-Platinum recordings and also have a new album out for 1998 called "Psycho Circus". These are the band members over the years: Gene Simmons as the Demon, Paul Stanley as the Starchild, Ace Fehley as the Space Traveler, Peter Criss as the Cat, Eric Carr as the Fox, Vinnie Vincent as the Egyptian Warrior, Mark St. John on Lead Guitar, Bruce Kulick on Lead Guitar, and Eric Singer on Drums. The bands studio albums are: 1974 Kiss and Hotter than Hell, 1975 Dressed to Kill and Alive 1976 Destroyer and Rock and Roll Over 1977 Love Gun and Alive II 1979 Dynasty 1980 Unmasked 1981 Music from the Elder 1982 Creatures of the Night 1983 Lick it Up 1984 Animalize 1985 Asylum 1987 Crazy Nights 1989 Hot in the Shade 1992 Revenge 1993 Alive III 1997 Carnival of Souls 1998 Psycho Circus

The Trooper's Review:
"Creatures of the Night" is another one of my all time favorites. War Machine is a badass song and should be considered one of their classics.

Led Zeppelin

These are the album titles from left to right: Led Zeppelin 1968, Led Zeppelin II 1969, Led Zeppelin III 1970, Led Zeppelin IV 1971, Houses of the Holy 1973, Physical Graffiti 1975, Presence 1976, The Song Remains the Same 1976, In Through the Out Door 1979, and Coda 1982.

In 1968 Jimmy Page started Led Zeppelin along with John Paul Jones, Robert Plant, and John Bonham. They signed with Atlantic Records and began working on their first album, "Led Zeppelin". They went on to make "Led Zeppelin II", "Led Zeppelin III", then with "Led Zeppelin IV", which put them in rock history with the famous song Stairway to Heaven. They went on to make 4 more albums when tragically 32 year-old John Bonham died of asphyxiation after heavy drinking.


This band started in 1975 with Lemmy Kilmister, Larry Wallace, and Lucas Fox. Shortly after Lucas is replaced with Phil Taylor. In 1976 the members decide they need two guitarists and they hire "Fast" Eddie Clark, but soon after Larry Wallace quits. In 1977 they release "Motorhead". In 1979 they release "Overkill" and "Bomber". The band does festivals and tours and in 1980 they released "Ace of Spades". Then in 1982 "Iron Fist" is released and Fast Eddie leaves the band and Brian Robertson joins. In 1983 "Art Another Perfect Day" is released and Robertson leaves the band. In 1984 the band hires two guitarists, Phil Campbell and Wurzel. Soon after P. Taylor leaves and is replaced by Pete Gill. In 1986 the band releases "Orgasmatron", then in 1987 P. Gill leaves and P. Taylor returns and the band releases "Rock N Roll". In 1991 "1916" is released and in 1992 the band is nominated at the grammy awards, although Metallica won the award. During this year the band also has another line-up change and P. Taylor is out and Mikkey Dee is hired. The band also releases "March or Die". In 1993 They are dropped from their record label and release "Bastards" on their own. In 1994 "Fearsome Sacrifice" is released and in 1995 Wurzel leaves the band and they release "Sacrifice Stateside". Their last album was "Snake Bite Love". Over the past few years the band has been doing solo albums and other music related projects.

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