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70's Metal Bands

Pink Floyd

This is a list of the album titles from left to right: 1967 The Piper at the Gates of Dawn, 1968 A Saucerful of Secrets, 1969 More, 1971 Meddle, 1973 Dark Side of the Moon, 1975 Wish You Were Here, 1977 Animals, 1979 The Wall, 1983 The Final Cut, 1987 Momentary Lapse of Reason, 1994 Division Bell, and 1995 P.U.L.S.E.

In 1965 the band started out with the name "The Abdabs". The line-up was Roger Waters, Clive Metcalf, Richard Wright, Nick Mason, Juliette Gale, and Keith Noble. Juliette and Wright married, so she, Noble, and Metcalf all quit the band. Syd Barrett was hired and the name of the band was changed to Pink Floyd, which came from the two blues artists Pink Anderson and Floyd Council. Syd was really bad into drugs so they hired an additional guitarist, David Gilmour, and eventually fired Syd. Then Wright was put out and Waters left the band. Now there was just Gilmour and Mason and they went on to make more albums under the Pink Floyd name, which they were sued by Waters for. The band had some line-up changes and continued to make albums up to 1995.


This is a list of the album titles from left to right: 1975 Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow, 1976 Rising, 1978 Long Live Rock N Roll, 1979 Down To Earth, 1980 Difficult To Cure, 1982 Straight Between the Eyes, 1983 Bent Out of Shape, 1995 Stranger In Us All

Ritchie Blackmore was with Deep Purple for about seven years before forming his own band. The line-up in 1975 was Blackmore, Ronnie James Dio, Craig Gruber, Mickey Lee Soule, and Gary Driscoll. In 1976 the line-up was Blackmore, Dio, Jimmy Bain, Tony Carey, and Cozy Powell. This line-up stayed constant until 1978 when the line-up was Blackmore, Dio, Bob Daisley, David Stone, and Cozy Powell. In 1979 the band changed again producing Blackmore, Graham Bonnet, Roger Glover, Don Airey, and Cozy Powell. Then in 1980 the line-up was Joe Lynn Turner, Blackmore, Glover, Airey, and Bobby Rondinelli. In 1982 the line-up changed again: Blackmore, Turner, Glover, Rondinelli, and David Rosenthal. In 1983 the line-up was Blackmore, Turner, Glover, Rosenthal, and Chuck Burgi. After 12 years Blackmore reformed the band and the new line-up is Blackmore, Doogie White, Paul Morris, Greg Smith, and John O'Reilly.

The Trooper's Review:
Rainbow's first three albums "Rainbow", "Rising" and "Long Live Rock n Roll" with Dio singing are also three of my most favorite albums. Man on the Silver Mountain has to be a classic song.


These are the album titles from left to right: 1977 Rock City, 1979 Narita, 1981 Fire Down Under, 1982 Restless Breed, 1983 Born In America, 1988 Thundersteel, 1990 The Privilige Of Power, 1993 Nightbreaker, 1995 Bretheren Of the Long House, 1998 Inishmore

This is a 70's cult band that never made it big in the U.S. but did in Japan years later. They released their classic album, "Fire Down Under", one of the best early 80's metal albums. They are still around making good music and their most recent, "Inishmore", was released in 1998 under Metal Blade Records, and sounds really good. The current line-up is Mike DiMeo, Mark Reale, Mike Flyntz, Pete Perez, and John Macaluso.

The Trooper's Review:
Riot's "Fire Down Under" should be a classic, It's really a great album from the early 80's. The album, "Inishmore" is a great 90's album and the band sounds better than ever! The guitar work is excellent and the album sounds very clear, probably the best produced and should be in every metalheads collection.


These are the album titles from left to right: 1974 Rush, 1975 Fly By Night, 1975 Caress of Steel, 1976 2112, 1977 A Farewell To Kings, 1978 Hemispheres, 1980 Permanent Waves, 1981 Moving Pictures, 1982 Signals, 1984 Grace Under Pressure, 1985 Power Windows, 1987 Hold Your Fire, 1989 Presto, 1991 Roll the Bones, 1993 Counterparts, 1996 Test For Echo

This is a Canadian band that started out in 1968 with Alex Lifeson who got together with Geddy Lee and John Rutsey. In 1974 Rutsey left and Neil Peart joined the band. Besides being outstanding musicians Rush is also very giving. They support the organization, "Artisits Against Racism", and also give proceeds from their concerts to charities. The band is also a member of the "Order of Canada", the only rock band in history to receive this honor.

The Trooper's Review:
Rush is one, if not the best Progressive Rock Metal band ever to come along. These musicians are three of the greatest around. They have been playing together for three decades now, which is amazing in itself and over the years they have created many great albums. Some of my all-time favorite albums are: Fly By Night, Caress of Steel, Moving Pictures, Presto, Counterparts and Test For Echo. In my opinion Exit Stage Left and A Show of Hands are two of the greatest Live albums ever created. Rush are truley one of the greatest bands! They have released their 2002 album, Vapor Trails, and will begin a world tour. Keep up the great work Rush! ~The Trooper.


These are the album titles from left to right: 1979 Survivors, 1980 Head On, 1981 Shock Tactics, 1982 Before the Storm (Not Shown), 1984 Dont Get Mad Get Even (Not Shown), 1985 Thank You and Good Night (Not Shown), 1990 Refugee (Not Shown), 1993 Samson (Not Shown)

Samson was one of the first NWOBHM and the band that Bruce Dickinson was in before Iron Maiden, although he only made two albums with them, "Shock Tactics" and "Head On". Both of these albums are classics and Samson could never get their act together after Bruce left. The current lineup consists of Paul Samson on Guitars/Vocals and Chris Aylmer-Bass.


These are the album titles from left to right: 1983 loose 'n Lethal, 1985 Hyperactive (Not Shown), 1995 Holy Wars (Not Shown), 1996 Babylon (Not Shown), 2000 Xtreme Machine (Not Shown)

Savage, also like Samson was one of the first NWOBHM bands. They were not as popular as Samson but their still around today playing the same style of music. The bands last lineup was Chris Bradley-Bass/Vocals, Andy Dawson-Guitars, & Richard Kirk-Drums.


These are the album titles from left to right: 1979 Saxon, 1980 Wheels of Steel, 1980 Strong Arm of the Law, 1981 Denim & Leather, 1983 Power and the Glory, 1984 Crusader, 1985 Innocence Is No Excuse, 1986 Rock the Nations, 1988 Destiny, 1990 Solid Ball of Rock, 1992 Forever Free, 1995 Dogs of War, 1997 Unleash the Beast

This English metal band started out with the line-up of Graham "Oly" Oliver, Steve "Dobby" Dawson, Paul "Blute" Quinn, Pete "Frank" Gill, and Peter "Biff" Byford. The band hit the charts in the UK and were popular in Japan. They are still around and in 1997 released their newest album titled "Unleash the Beast".


These are the album titles from left to right: 1976 In the Beginning, 1977 Rock N Roll Machine, 1978 Just a Game, 1981 Allied Forces, 1982 Never Surrender, 1984 Thunder Seven, Not Shown: 1980 Progressions of Power, 1986 Sport of Kings

This Canadian band formed in 1975. They are similar in many ways to Rush. They weren't well known until after the release of "Progressions of Power". The bands line-up was Rik Emmett, Gil Moore, and Mike Levine. In 1988 Emmett was replaced by Phil Xenides.


These are the album titles: 1971 UFO1, 1972 Flying, 1974 Phenomenon, 1975 Force It, 1976 No Heavy Petting, 1977 Lights Out, 1978 Obsession, 1980 No Place To Run, 1981 The Wild The Willing and The Innocent, 1982 Mechanix, 1983 Making Contact, 1985 Misdemeanor, 1988 Ain't Misbehavin', 1992 High Stakes and Dangerous Men, 1995 Walk On Water

Last album line-up: Phil Mogg, Michael Schenker, Pete Way, Paul Raymond, and Andy Parker

Van Halen

These are the album titles from left to right: 1978 Van Halen, 1979 Van Halen II, 1980 Women and Children First, 1981 Fair Warning, 1982 Diver Down, 1983 "1984", 1986 "5150", 1988 OU812, 1991 For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge, 1995 Balance, 1998 Van Halen III

In 1976 Eddie and Alex Van Halen together with David Lee Roth and Michael Anthony formed the band Van Halen. They had good luck from the beginning and were noticed by Warner Brothers and are one of the most popular metal bands. In 1985 Roth left the band to start a solo career, which didn't go well, and Sammy Hagar was soon aboard. In 1995 unfortunately Hagar left Van Hagar and rumors spread that Roth was coming back. Instead Gary Cherone (formerly in Extreme) has joined the band.

The Trooper's Review:
My two favorite Van Halen albums are "Fair Warning" and "5150". I think they are the best the band ever made and the only two Ive ever really liked.


These are the album titles from left to right: 1978 Trouble (not shown), 1978 Snakebite, 1979 Love Hunter, 1980 Ready and Willing, 1981 Come and Get It, 1982 Saints and Sinners, 1984 Slide It In, 1987 Whitesnake, 1989 Slip of the Tongue, 1998 Restless Heart

Whitesnake formed in 1978 in London by Ex- singer from Deep Purple, David Coverdale. The earlier albums were mainly big in Japan and Europe, but by 1984 the band was much more energetic and their albums became enormous in the USA selling 6 million copies. After 1989 Coverdale reformed the band and the famous Steve Vai joined. Sadly, in 1998 Cozy Powell died in a car crash.


These are the album titles from left to right: 1976 Yesterday and Today, 1978 Struck Down, 1981 Earthshaker, 1982 Black Tiger, 1983 Meanstreak, 1984 In Rock We Trust, 1985 Down For the Count, 1987 Contagious, 1990 Ten, 1995 Musically Incorrect, 1995 Endangered Species

Y&T was origionally called Yesterday and Today and they originated in San Francisco. The bands earlier music was promising and heavy but the later albums became more poppish. Y&T disbanded in 1991 and returned in 1995 for a short time before disbanding again after "Endangered Species". The bands last lineup consisted of: Dave Meneketti, Stef Burns, Phil Kennemore, and Jimmy DeGrasso.

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