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80's Metal Bands


These are the album titles from left to right: 1987 History of A Time To Come, 1989 Dreamweaver, 1991 Mourning Has Broken

Sabbat were formed in England in the mid 80's and they quickly became one of Britain's best thrash bands. Sabbat had an original sound to them. The first two albums were there best and was made with Martin Walkyier on vocals. Martin and Andy could not come to an agreement so by the 3rd album Martin quit the band and went on to form Skyclad. Andy then went on to make the 3rd album, but then disbanded the band not long after. Andy later went on to produce albums for alot of big metal bands. The last lineup for Sabbat was Ritchie Desmond-Vocals, Andy Sneap-Guitars, Neil Watson-Guitars, Wayne Banks-Bass & Simon Negus-Drums.

St. Vitus

These are the album titles from left to right: 1984 St. Vitus (Not Shown), 1985 Hallow's Victim (Not Shown), 1986 Born Too Late (Not Shown), 1988 Mournful Cries (Not Shown), 1989 V (Not Shown), 1992 C.O.D. (Not Shown), 1995 Die Healing (Not Shown)

St. Vitus was formed in Los Angeles CA in the early 80's and was one of the 1st Doom Metal bands around. Their earlier albums were very raw sounding. The bands last lineup was Scott Reagers-Vocals, Dave Chandler-Guitars, Mark Adams-Bass, and Armando Acosta-Drums.


These are the album titles from left to right: 1983 Sirens, 1984 The Dungeons are Calling, 1985 Power of the Night, 1986 Fight For the Rock, 1987 Hall of the Mountain King, 1989 Gutter Ballet, 1991 Streets, 1993 Edge of Thorns, 1994 Handful of Rain, 1995 Dead Winter Dead, and 1998 The Wake of Magellan

This metal band started in 1981 and were from Florida. Their older stuff much was more heavier than the more recent albums which seem to be more progressive. The original members from the first album were: brothers Jon and Criss Oliva, Steve Wacholz, and Keith Collins. The band has gone through a few lineup changes since then and now consist of Jon Oliva, Zachary Stevens, Al Pitrelli, Chris Caffery, Johnny Lee Middleton, and Jeff Plate. Chris Oliva died in a car accident back in 1993. The band currently has a side project called Trans-Siberian Orchestra.

The Trooper's Review:
"The Dungeons are Calling" and "The Power of the Night" are two classic great metal albums!


These are the album titles from left to right: 1972 Lonesome Crow, 1974 Fly to the Rainbow, 1975 In Trance, 1976 Virgin Killer, 1977 Taken By Force, 1979 Lovedrive, 1980 Animal Magnetism, 1982 Blackout, 1984 Love at First Sting, 1988 Savage Amusement, 1990 Crazy World, 1993 Face the Heat, 1996 Pure Instinct, and (not shown)1999 Eye to Eye

This band is from Germany, they started in 1966 and was very popular at one point. Their earlier stuff was pretty heavy and they were one of the world's most popular rock bands, selling over 20 million albums. Their big hit was "Wind of Change" in 1989, and they were the first Western band to ever meet a Soviet leader at the Kremlin. The current line-up is Klaus Meine, Matthias Jabs, Rudolf Schenker, Ralph Rieckermann, and Herman Rarebell.


These are the album titles from left to right: 1985 Bestial Devastation, 1986 Morbid Visions, 1987 Schizophrenia, 1989 Beneath the Remains, 1991 Arise, 1992 Third World Posse, 1993 Chaos AD, 1994 Refuse/Resist, 1996 Roots Bloody Roots, 1996 Roots, 1996 The Roots of Sepultura, 1997 Blood-Rooted, 1998 Against

This is a Brazilian metal band formed by brothers Igor and Max Cavalera, Paulo Jnr. and Jairo. The name means grave in Portugese and the songs deal with death and destruction, and the poor social conditions in their country. The bands influences were from Slayer and Venom. In 1989 they were brought to international attention. Arise was their best release but in 1997 they split up, and Cavalera formed the band Soulfly.


These are the album titles from left to right: 1983 Show No Mercy, 1984 Haunting the Chapel EP, 1985 Hell Awaits, 1986 Reign In Blood, 1988 South Of Heaven, 1990 Seasons In the Abyss, 1991 Decade of Aggression, 1994 Divine Intervention, 1996 Undisputed Attitude, 1998 Diabolus In Musica

This Heavy Metal band started in 1981 in LA by Kerry King, Jeff Hanneman, Dave Lombardo, and Tom Araya. At first they played songs by other bands like Judas Priest and Iron Maiden in small clubs. In 1983 the owner of Metal Blade Records saw them play and they made an offer to play a song (Aggressive Perfector) on a compilation album called Metal Massacre III in exchange for helping them to put out their own album. Show No Mercy proved to be a masterpiece by Metal fans and magazines. Haunting the Chapel was an EP and one song called "Chemical Warfare" is said to be the fastest song ever recorded. The music Slayer produced was heavy and fast and the lyrics had dark and satanic tones. Their Hell Awaits album sold over 100,000 copies in the US and many were beginning to notice the band. Rick Reuben of Def Jam records approached the band and they were the first metal band on that label. In 86 Reign In Blood came out and proved to be even faster, and became their first gold album, and is still considered the fastest speed metal album. It also made headlines because of the lyrics of "Angel Of Death" and the Nazi logos the band used. South of Heaven was slower and the lyrics consisted of Nazism, war, abortion, etc. They were still with Def Jam and were touring and keeping busy. Seasons in the Abyss was released and showed heavier music and lyrically consisted of war, serial killers, and fantasy related songs. This was their biggest selling album to date (1,000,000 copies). In 1992 fans were shocked when Lombardo was kicked out of the band for various problems with band members. Paul Bostaph was hired in his place and Slayer disappeared for awhile before releasing Divine Intervention, another fast and heavy album. During this time some controversy started over fans slicing themselves and scarring their arms and backs with the bands name. They said it was for dedication and loyalty to Slayer. Paul Bostaph ended up leaving the band and a guy named Jon Dette was hired. Slayer wanted to experiment with some punkish styles on the next album, Undisputed Attitude. In 97 Jon Bette was fired and Paul Bostaph returned. Then Diabolus In Musica was released and did quite well, although not as good as their previous releases.

The Trooper's Review:
Three of my favorite albums of all time by Slayer are "South of Heaven", "Seasons in the Abyss", and Diabolus In Musica". All three are great! "Reign In Blood" is also the greatest thrash album of all time and is a true classic. I bought this album back when it first came out in 1986 when I was sixteen years old. This was the day that I came back from my first trip to California, the famous Sunset Strip. To this day the album still blows my mind.


These are the album titles from left to right: 1985 Speak English Or Die, 1999 Bigger Than the Devil

Stormtroopers of Death formed in 1985 and was a side project of Anthrax's Scott Ian, Charlie Benante, Danny Lilker, and their roadie Billy Milano. The band disbanded in 1986. SOD was different from Anthrax because they had a mixture of punk, thrash and hardcore. The songs were quite violent, racist, and sexist. As Anthrax slowed down SOD had a reunion show in 1999 and released a new album called "Bigger than the Devil".


These are the album titles from left to right: 1986 Obsessed By Cruelty, 1987 Persecution Mania, 1989 Agent Orange, 1990 Better Off Dead, 1992 Tapping the Vein, 1994 Get What You Deserve, 1995 Masquerade In Blood, 1997 Til Death Do Us Unite, 1999 Code Red, 2001 M-16

Sodom were formed in Germany in the early to mid 80's along with Destruction & Kreator. Kreator is my favorite out of these three and also one of my (The Trooper) all time favorite metal bands. These three metal bands were among the first Thrash Metal bands in Germany and are still among the leaders of Thrash Metal in Germany and elsewhere. Sodom are still active today and putting out their best music yet. The current lineup are: Tom Angelripper-Bass/Vocals, Bernemann-Guitars, Bobby-Drums.

The Trooper's Review:
The new Album "M-16" in my opinion is the bands best release to date. It sounds Great!


These are the album titles from left to right: 1988 ultramega ok, 1989 louder than love, 1990 screaming life/FOPP, 1991 badmotorfinger, 1994 superunknown, 1996 down on the upside, 1997 A-sides

Formed in 1984 in Seattle, Soundgarden was an alternative genre that had a heavy metal sound. They weren't known for being a metal band but they did develop their sound through zepplin and sabbath along with a mixture of punk and psychedelic. They were the first grunge band to sign to a major label, and their success didn't show through until the release of Superunknown, which hit #1. The band was named after a Seattle sculpture which is where 3 of the members attended college and eventually dropped out, although Thayil earned himself a degree in Philosophy there. The band's popularity grew and they joined the Lollapalooza tour and then afterwards began an American tour of their own, and in 1997 announced they were breaking up to persue other interests.

The Trooper's Review:
Soundgarden's "Louder than Love" and "Badmotorfinger" are also two of my all time favorites. They really jam!


These are the album titles from left to right: 1989 Fright Night, 1992 Twilight Time, 1994 Dreamspace, 1995 Fourth Dimension, 1996 Episode, 1997 Visions, 1998 Destiny, 2000 Infinite

Stratovarius are from Finland and came together in the late 80's. They are one of the best power metsl bands still around today. The current lineup are: Timo Kotipelto-Vocals, Timo Tolkki-Guitars/Vocals, Jari Kainulainen-bass, Jens Johansson-Keyboards, Jorg Michael-Drums.

Suicidal Tendencies

These are the album titles from left to right: 1983 Suicidal Tendencies, 1987 Join the Army, 1988 How Will I Laugh Tomorrow When I Can't Even Smile Today, 1989 Controlled by Hatred...Feel Like Shit...Deja-Vu..., 1990 Lights Camera Revolution, 1992 The Art Of Rebellion, 1993 Still Cyco After All These Years, 1994 Suicidal For Life, 1997 Prime Cuts, 1999 Freedumb

This band formed in 1982 in California. Their music style was punk/hardcore and the lyrics were political, personal, and confrontational, although they are sung with a sense of humor which kept the band different from others. Over the years they have become quite known and their music style has changed to a faster speed metal/funk sound. The singer Muir has also formed a side project called "Infectious Grooves". Current band members are Mike Muir, Mike Clark, Dean Pleasants, Brooks Wackerman, & Josh Paul.


These are the album titles from left to right: 1985 Zombie Attack, 1986 Chemical Invasion, 1987 Hair of the Dog, 1988 Morning After, 1989 Alien, 1990 The Meaning Of, 1992 Stone Cold Sober, 1993 Two Faced, 1995 The Tankard

German speed metal band.


These are the album titles from left to right: 1987 The Legacy, 1988 The New Order, 1989 Practice What You Preach, 1990 Souls of Black, 1992 The Ritual, 1994 Low, 1997 Demonic, 1999 The Gathering

This band was formed in 1985 and origionally called Legacy. They were known in the early 80's as being a Metallica clone, but as the years went on and the band members changed Testament became very heavy. After member Chriss Oliva's death the band regrouped and they added Death metal guitarist, James Murphy (from Death, Obituary, Cancer, & Disincarnate). He really changed the band's sound and image. The current lineup: Chuck Billy, Eric Peterson, James Murphy, Steve DiGiorgio, & Dave Lombardo.

The Trooper's Review:
1994's Low album is great and heavy, one of my all time favorites. This album is so powerful and should be in every metalheads collection! It is one of the best 90's albums.

Tygers of Pan Tang

These are the album titles from left to right: 1980 Wild Cat, 1981 Spellbound, 1982 Crazy Nights, 1983 The Cage, 1985 The Wreck-Age, 1986 First Kill, 1987 Burning In the Shade

Tygers og Pan Tang are from England and are one of the classic NWOBHM bands to come out, except only on their earlier stuff. They have turned more mainstream over the years. In 1987 they disbanded but have reformed in 2001. The current lineup are: Jon Deverill-Vocals, Steve Lamb-Guitars, Brian Dick-Drums.


These are the album titles: (None Shown) 1982 Vandenberg, 1983 Heading For A Storm, 1985 Alibi

Vandenberg was a Dutch band led by Adrian Vandenberg. The band didn't last long and after they broke up Vandenberg joined Whitesnake.


These are the album titles from left to right: 1981 Welcome To Hell, 1982 Black Metal, 1984 At War With Satan, 1985 Possessed, 1987 Calm Before The Storm, 1989 Prime Evil, 1991 Temples Of Ice, 1992 The Wastelands, 1997 Cast In Stone, 2000 Resurrection

Venom is an English metal band founded by Mantas, Cronos, and Abaddon. The first four albums were considered Black Metal and had a dark, heavy sound with satanic imagery. Mantas left the band and in 1987 when "calm before the storm" was released the band had hired 2 new guitarists, Mike Hickey and Jimmy C. Cronos also left taking the same 2 guitarists with him forming his own band "Cronos". This album had a very different sound due to Mantas and Cronos leaving the band. Mantas ended up returning and all the newer albums thereafter did not have a black metal sound. In 1997 Cronos also returned restoring the original lineup.

The Trooper's Review:
They are the founding fathers of black metal and one of the most heaviest bands still around today. The first three albums, "Welcome to Hell", "Black Metal", and "At War with Satan", are black metal classics. Venom are still around producing some of the heaviest music and their albums should be included in every black metalheads collection.

"Resurrection" is the bands newest album and is definitely one of their all time best. It has a newer sound and is heavier then ever, and has the best production.


These are the album titles from left to right: 1984 War and Pain, 1986 Rrroooaaarrr, 1987 Killing Technology, 1988 Dimension Hatross, 1989 Nothingface, 1991 Angel rat, 1993 The Outer Limits, 1995 Negatron, 1997 Phobos, and 1998 Kronik

This French Canadian thrash band started in 1984. They were always ahead of their time with their futuristic and technological perspectives. Their earlier work was aggressive but didnt show their true talent until "Killing Technology" was released. The band went on to make more successful and unique thrash albums that other bands could not compete with or even fathom at that time. The band is still active and the current lineup is: Eric Forrest, Denis D'Amour, and Michel Langevin.


These are the album titles from left to right: 1984 WASP, 1985 The Last Command, 1986 Inside the Electric Circus, 1989 The Headless Children, 1992 The Crimson Idol, 1995 Still Not Black Enough, 1997 K.F.D., 1999 Helldorado

Blackie Lawless was part of a band called "sister" in the 70's before WASP was around. They were a hard rock band from LA, with current members as: Blackie Lawless, Chris Holmes, Mike Duda, and Stet Howland

Yngwie Malmsteen

These are the album titles from left to right: 1984 Rising Force, 1985 Marching Out, 1986 Trilogy, 1988 Odyssey, 1990 Eclipse, 1994 The Seventh Sign, 1995 magnum Opus, 1996 Inspiration, 1997 Facing the Animal, 1999 Alchemy

Yngwie Malmsteen is one of the most influential and talented guitarists in the world. He grew up in Sweden and his classical style quickly became known throughout Europe. Yngwie's worldwide popularity grew when he joined Ron Keel and then later went on to be part of Alcatrazz. His solo career has no doubt brought him further fame and many talented musicians have had the chance to be part of his lineup.

The Trooper's Review:
"Rising Force" and "Marching Out" are two great metal albums of all time!


These are the album titles from left to right: 1983 Zebra, 1984 No Telling Lies, 1986 3.V, 1992 Randy Jacksons China Rain, 1998 In Black and White, 1999 King Biscuit Flower Hour

Zebra was a local band from Louisiana that started back in 1975. They were a three man band with one of the members, Guy, who was from Long Island and who had gone down to New Orleans for Mardi Gras and decided to stay permenantly. The three members came up with the groups name from a wall picture in a bar in New Orleans (The Boot). The picture had a woman riding a Zebra and so the band was born. They started out playing many lounges and bars in New Orleans and a few back in Long Island. Eventually they made a record and began getting air play from local stations like New Orleans WRNO (we're the rock of New Orleans). Their first LP became Atlantic Records fastest selling album in history, over 75,000 in the first week! The next few albums did not sell as well as the band had expected but they became famous enough to travel and tour all over most of the United States. Zebra is still hard at work producing albums and still touring, although mainly throughout Louisiana and Long Island.

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