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90's Metal Bands

Acid Bath

These are the album titles from left to right: 1994 When the Kite String Pops, 1996 Paegan Terrorism Tactics

Acid Bath started in Morgan City, Louisiana. Their music had a hardcore/doom metal sound and was very heavy. One very controversial note is that the band used a lot of artwork for their albums that was done by notorious serial killers like Gacy, Bianchi, and Ramirez. The band even used some work done by Dr. Kevorkian. In 1997 Audie Pitre of Acid Bath died and the band disbanded. The remaining members joined other bands. The last album lineup: Dax Riggs, Sammy Duet, Mike Sanchez, Audie Pitre, and Jimmy Kyle.

The Trooper's Review:
Four Stars to Acidbath's "Pagean Terrorism Tactics". This is Sludge/Doom Metal at its best. This was also the bands last album together. If your looking for an original metal sound and you like Doom Metal then I strongly suggest this album.Its one of a kind.The Trooper~

Agents of Oblivion

1999 Agents of Oblivion

Agents of Oblivion formed after the two year breakup of the South Louisiana band Acid Bath due to the death of band member Audie Pitre. Agents of Oblivion formed in 98 and their first self-titled album has become a favorite for new and old Acid Bath fans alike. The songs are quite different from the loud, screaming Acid Bath style and has become more acoustic sounding. The band members are: Chuck Pitre, Dax Riggs, Mike Sanchez, Jeff McCarty, and Alex Bergeron.

The Trooper's Review:
There is something great about this album that I really love. All the songs have a different sound and are just collaborated perfectly. Great work! This is one of my all-time favorite albums. ~The Trooper.


These are the album titles from left to right: 1993 Jar Of Kingdom, 1995 Lunasphere, 1997 Spiritech, 2000 Organasm

Alchemist are from Australia and were formed in the late 80's. Right from the start the band had a unique sound and from what I've heard they are the best metal band to come out of Australia. The current lineup: Adam Agius-Vocals, Roy Torkington-Guitars, John Bray-Bass & Rodney Holder-Drums

Alice In Chains

These are the album titles from left to right: 1990 Facelift, 1992 Dirt, 1995 Alice In Chains

Alice In Chains formed in 1987 in Seattle. They signed with Columbia and released their first album which did considerably well. They began touring with many well known bands like Megadeth & Slayer. The band was nominated for a few awards. Some of their albums went gold and they seemed to be a promising band until drugs and internal problems began to break them apart.

The Trooper's Review:
"Dirt" is one of my all time favorite 90's albums, and Down In A Hole is a great song, should be in every metalheads collection.


These are the album titles from left to right: 1994 Youth Against Christ, 1996 Ego Art, 1998 Provoke, 2000 In the Name of the Father, 2000 Until Heaven Forbids, 2001 Red Harvest

Altar are a death metal band from Holland with heavy, brutal music and lyrics. The band has mainly focused on the European countries where their from and have not traveled worldwide yet. The band members are Edwin Kelder, Richard Ludwig, Marcel Verdurnen, Sjoerd Visch, and Nils Vos.

The Trooper's Review:
"Red Harvest" is one of the best Black/Death metal albums that I have heard lately. The music sounds really good and the production is their best to date. Unfortunately, it may be their last album. We will have to wait and see if they regroup again.


These are the album titles from left to right: ---- Slave, 1999 Amen, 2000 We Have Come For Your Parents

Amen is a heavy metal band with a punk style. They started in 1994 and are from Los Angeles. The current line-up is Casey Chaos, Paul Fig, Sonny Mayo, John Tumor, and S. Larkin.

The Trooper's Review:
Amen's self-titled debut album is a different sound made up of hardcore and new wave metal and is a very good album and should be given a try. The bands album "We have come for your parents" is also just as good or better than the "Amen" album.

Amon Amarth

These are the album titles from left to right: 1996 Sorrow Throughout the Nine Worlds, 1998 Once Sent from the Golden Hall, 1999 The Avenger, 2000 The Crusher

Amon Amarth means "The Mountain of Doom" and is taken from the book "The Lord of the Ring." The band was formed in 1992 in Sweden and have released four albums while going through a few line-up changes. The band have gained some popularity in Europe but is still not quite known in the states.


These are the album titles from left to right: 1991 Amorphis, 1991 Privilege of Evil, 1992 The Karelian Isthmus, 1993 Tales from the Thousand Lakes, 1994 Black Winter Day, 1995 Elegy, 1996 My Kantele, 1998 Tuonela, 1998 Divinity, 2000 Alone, 2000 Am Universum

This band is from Finland and they take the sounds of death metal and the 70's progressive rock and make it into their own unique sound of metal. Alot of their work has been taken from the "Kanteletar", which is a Finnish book comprised of poems and literature from their traditions. The cover artwork also sports Finnish symbols. The band has toured extensively throughout Europe and have been to the U.S. occasionally.


These are the albym titles from left to right: 1993 Serenades, 1995 Pentecost III, 1995 The Silent Enigma, 1996 Eternity, 1998 Alternative 4, 1999 Judgement

Anathema is a doom metal band from England that have become very popular throughout Europe, and was even showcased on HeadBangers Ball. They started in 1990 and were considered pretty heavy in the beginning, but their recent work has become less heavy and more gothic-type. The name Anathema is actually a quote from the Bible meaning "a curse by God". The current lineup consists of: Vincent Cavanagh, Daniel Cavanagh, Dave Pybus, and John Douglas.


These are the album titles from left to right: 1994 Svartalvheim (not shown), 1996 The Cainian Chronicle, 1997 Mad Grandiose Bloodfiends, 1999 Det Glemte Riket, 1999 The Halls of Eternity

Ancient began in 1992 and had many changes in members. The band has traveled and become known in Europe and the states.

Angel Corpse

These are the album titles from left to right: 1996 Hammer of Gods, 1997 Exterminate, 1999 The Inexorable

Gene Palubicki (guitars), Tony Laureano (drums), Pete Helmkamp (bass/vocals) make up the members of the band Angel Corpse. Death metal band that formed in 95 and have increased in popularity with each album. Their sound is taken from Morbid Angel influences and they have been trying to get more into their own style with the last album, "The Inexorable".

The Trooper's Review:
Four stars to Angel Corpse and which happens to be their last album before breaking up in 2002. "The Inexorable" is one of the most fast, heavy and down right brutal death/black metal albums that I have ever heard. The album has a better sound then their first two along with much better song writing. **WARNING** This album will rip your fucking head off your shoulders. Metal Rulz...The Trooper

Arch Enemy

These are the album titles from left to right: 1996 Black Earth, 1998 Stigmata, 1999 Burning Bridges

Arch Angel is a Swedish metal band that has become highly respectable with the releases of their three albums. Their music is a mix of classic metal and thrash. The line-up is Sharlee Diangelo, Daniel Erlandsson, Michael and Chris Amott, and Johan Liiva.

At the Gates

These are the album titles from left to right: 1991 The Red In The Sky Is Ours, 1992 With Fear I Kiss The Burning Darkness, 1994 Terminal Spirit Disease, 1995 Slaughter Of The Soul

At The Gates were formed in Sweden in the late 80's. They were one of the first and best Swedish metal bands to make it big. After the bands last album (Slaughter of the Souls)in 1996 the band broke up. After this three of the five members formed a group called The Haunted, which quickly became an even greater band and is one of my personal favorites. The last lineup for At The Gates were: Thomas Lindberg-Vocals, Anders Bjorler-Guitars, Martin Larsson-Guitars, Jonas Bjorler-Bass and Adrian Erlandsson-Drums.


These are the album titles from left to right: 1990 Severed Survival, 1991 Mental Funeral, 1992 Acts of the Unspeakable, 1995 Shitfun, 2000 Ridden with Disease

The band formed in 1987 in San Francisco and have had a few line-up changes since. Considered one of the first death metal bands and have stayed pretty much underground.


These are the album titles from left to right: 1990 Biohazard, 1992 Urban Discipline, 1994 State of the World Address, 1996 Mata Leao, 1999 New World Disorder

Biohazard was formed in 1988 in New York and consisted of a hardcore/metal/hip-hop style. The bands feelings and expressions come out in their lyrics which deal with gang violence, drugs, racism, crime. Their albums did quite well and they toured all over especially in NY. The bands 3rd album seemed to be the most successful and they are noted as the first band to mix hardcore and rap together. The bands members are: Evan Seinfeld, Billy Graziadei, Danny Schuler, and Rob Echeverria.

Black Star Rising

These are the album titles from left to right: 1997 Barbed Wire Soul

Black Star Rising was formed through the three members Jeff, Ken and Carlo from Carcass and mark from Cathedral. The music is totally different from their formed work and is more of a mix of traditional rock and aggressive rock. Band members include: Jeff Walker, Carlo Regadas, Ken Owen, and mark Griffiths.

The Trooper's Review:
"Barbed Wire Soul" is a good 90's metal Album


These are the album titles from left to right: 1992 Bodycount, 1994 Born Dead, 1997 Violent Demise: The Last Days

Bodycount was formed in Los Angeles in 1989. Their music is a metal/rap type and the lyrics speak out about societal ills and war. The band is most noteably known for Its member, Ice-T, but also includes D-ROC, Mooseman and Beatmaster V. The band has toured all over especially with Metallica, Guns N Roses, Exodus, Pro-Pain, and many others.

Bolt Thrower

These are the album titles from left to right: 1988 In Battle There is No Law, 1989 Realm of Chaos, 1990 Warmaster, 1991 The Peel Sessions, 1992 IVth Crusade, 1994 ...For Victory, 1998 Mercenary

Bolt Thrower was formed in 1986 in the UK by Alan (vocals), Baz Thompson (guitar), Gavin Ward (bass), and Andy Whale (drums). Death metal sound, and the band has had a few changes since the beginning.

The Trooper's Review:
"...For Victory" is a great sounding album and their best to date. Also four stars to the new album, "Honour, Valour, Pride". The album sounds great and Dave, from Benediction, fits right in on vocals.


These are the album titles from left to right: 1995 Borknagar, 1997 The Olden Domain, 1998 The Archaic Course, 2000 Quintessence, 2001 Empiricism

This band formed in Norway during the mid 90s and are considered to be Black Metal. They have had alot of lineup changes in their time but are still one of the better black metal bands around today. The current lineup are: Vintersorg-Vocals, Oystein G Brun-Guitars, Jens F Ryland-Guitars, Tyr-Bass, Lars Nedland-Keyboards and Asgeir Mickelson-Drums.

Broken Hope

These are the album titles from left to right: 1991 Swamped in Gore, 1993 The Bowels of Repungence, 1995 Repulsive Conception, 1997 Loathing, 1999 Grotesque Blessings

Broken Hope is a death metal band from Chicago. The music is very brutal with a doom and grind style. One of the members Wagner, who basically does alot of the lyrics as well as play guitar took the name from a poem that he wrote. The band believes in making sure that their music sounds as best as it can, for the fans and themselves. They redo their music over and over until it is right no matter how many times it takes. Along with touring in the US they have also been to a few countries outside the Staes. The band looks to have a promising future.

Bruce Dickinson

These are the album titles from left to right: 1990 Tattooed Millionaire, 1994 Balls To Picasso, 1996 Skunkworks, 1997 Accident of Birth, 1998 The Chemical Wedding

Bruce Dickinson was born in 1958 in England. He started out in the band Samson and then left to join Iron Maiden in 1981. Then in the 1990's Bruce left Iron Maiden to pursue a solo career and focus on some other activities such as fencing, piloting and hopes of becoming a novelist by writing two books. One was a comic book named "The Adventures of Lord Iffy Boatrace" and his second was "The Missionary Position". After releasing 5 Full length albums on his own he decided to rejoin Iron Maiden in 1999.

The Trooper's Review:
"Skunkworks" is one of my all time favorites and is an excellent album. "The Chemical Wedding" is also one of my favorites! Great work!

Brutal Truth

These are the album titles from left to right: 1992 Extreme Conditions Demand Extreme Responses, 1994 Need to Control, 1996 Kill Trend Suicide, 1997 Sounds of the Animal Kingdom, 1999 Goodbye Cruel World, 1999 Choice of A New Generation (not shown)

Brutal Truth formed in 1990 and is a death metal band. Original members were, Kevin Sharp, Brent "Gurn" McCarthy, Ian Lilker and Scott Lewis.


These are the album titles from left to right: 1995 Surrealistic Madness, 1997 Beyond Reasonable Doubt, 1999 Process of Self Development, 2001 300 Percent Density

Candiria are from Brooklyn NY. I don't know that much about the band but I have heard that the music sounds like a metal/hardcore/jazz style of some kind. It sounds pretty original but I personally do not like that style. One of the magazines I read had listed them as "one of the Most Important Bands". The bands current lineup are: Carley Coma-Vocals, John Lamacchia-Guitars, Eric Matthews-Guitars, Michael MacIvor-Bass & Ken Schalk-Drums/Keyboards.


This is the album title: 1990 Dark Recollections

Carnage was formed in the late eighties from Sweden and were considered a Death Metal band. Michael Amott from Carcass was in the early lineup but then moved on. The band only produced one album before breaking up. Most of the members then when on to form Dismember. The last lineup were: Matt Karki-Vocals, David Blomkuist-Guitar and Fred Estby-Drums.


These are the album titles from left to right: 1991 Forest of Equilibrium, 1993 The Ethreal Mirror, 1995 The Carnival Bizarre, 1996 Supernatural Birth Machine, 1999 Caravan Beyond Redemption, 2001 Endtyme

Cathedral are a Doom metal band formed in England by one time Napalm Death vocalist Lee Darrian. The band has been around creating some of the best doom metal out today. The current lineup are: Lee Darrian-Vocals, Gary Jennings-Guitars, Leo Smee-Bass, and Brian Dixon-Drums.

Children of Bodom

These are the album titles from left to right: 1997 Something Wild, 1999 Hatebreeder, 2001 Follow the Reaper

Children of Bodom are from Finland and their name comes from a famous murder case that took place in their homeland. They are a Power Metal band with Black Metal vocals and are growing in popularity. They sound like they have alot of talent. The current lineup are: Alexi Laiho-Voacals/Guitars, Alexander Kuopalla-Guitars, Henkka Blacksmith-Bass, Janne Wirman-Keyboards and Jaska Raatikainen-Drums.


These are the album titles from left to right: 1998 Give Them Rope, 1999 012: Revolution In Just Listening

Coalesce are from Kansas City and are very heavy. When I bought "012: Revolution In Just Listening", and cranked it up it almost blew me off the fucken chair! This album is some heavy! The band formed in 1994 and have a dynamic unique sound, and the music is very extreme. Four years after forming, the band released their first album in 1998. One year later they returned with the second album and them broke up. The band may reform. The last lineup was Jes Steineger-guitars, Nathan Ellis-Bass, James Dewees-Drums and Sean Ingram-Vocals.

The Trooper's Review:
"Revolution In Just Listening is a great Hardcore 90's Album! Check it out!

Control Denied

This is the album from left to right: 1999 The Fragile Art of Existence

Control Denied was formed in Florida by "Death" mainman Chuck Schuldiner in 1996, but the project was placed on hold so they could finish the last Death Album "The Sound of Perseverance". In 1999 the new project got off the ground then later that year they released "The Fragile Art of Existence", a great debut album. During the working of the second album Chuck found out he had brain cancer and had to take a break. On Dec 13, 2001 sadly Chuck lost the battle and passed away. R.I.P. Chuck, from The Trooper. The last lineup was: Chuck Schuldiner-Guitars, Tim Aymar-vocals, Shannon Hamm-Guitars, Steve DiGiorgio-Bass and Richard Christy-Drums.

The Trooper's Review:
The band's first album is good. The music is great although the song writing needs improvement. The second album should be out in 2001 and maybe the band will have some changes on this one. We'll have to wait and see but this group has the potential to be a great metal band.

Cradle of Filth

These are the album titles from left to right: 1994 The Principle of Evil Made Flesh, 1996 Vampire or Dark Fairytales in Phallustien, 1996 Dusk...And Her Embrace, 1998 Cruelty and the Beast, 2000 Midian, 2001 Bitter Suites To Succubi

Cradle of Filth are from England and started back in the early nineties. Over the years they have become one of the most popular Black Metal bands around. The current one are: Dani Davey-Vocals, Gian Pyres-Guitars, Paul Allender-Guitars, Robin Eaglestone-Bass, Martin Powell-Keyboards and Adrian Erlandsson-Drums.


These are the album titles from left to right: 1992 Obedience Through Suffering, 1993 Crowbar, 1995 Time Heals Nothing, 1996 Broken Glass, 1998 Odd Fellows Rest, 2000 Equilibrium, 2001 Sonic Excess In Its Purest Form

Crowbar are from New Orleans Louisiana and are considered to be Sludge Metal/Hardcore. They formed during the early nineties and are still producing metal today. The current lineup are: Kirk Windstein-Vocals/Guitars, Sammy Duet-Guitars, Jeff Okoneski-Bass and Tony Costanza-Drums.


These are the album titles from left to right: 1994 Blasphemy Made Flesh, 1995 None So Vile, 1998 Whisper Supremacy, 2000 And Then You'll Beg

This death metal band is from Canada and are underground legends. They formed in the early 90s and I heard they are one of the most talented death metal bands around. The lineup: Martin Lacroix-Vocals, Jon Levasseur-Guitars, Alex Auburn-Guitars, Eric Langlois-Bass & Flo Mounier-Drums.


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