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90's Metal Bands





Chino Moreno, Stephan Carpenter, Chi Ling Cheng, and Abe Cunningham are the members of Deftones and have been close friends since childhood. Their first album, "Adrenaline" came out in 1995, and the second, "Around the Fur" in 1997. The newest album "The White Pony" came out in 2000. The band members are also close friends with the band Korn and are often called their "brother-band". The deftones are a great up-and-coming 90's metal band.

The Trooper's Review:
"Adrenaline" is a great badass album and definitely one of my favorites. The new album "The White Pony" sounds great and is a little different then their past work.

Destiny's End

The Trooper's Review:
Five stars to "Destiny's End" and their 2nd album, "Transition". This is a great album and one of the best I've heard this year. It kinda sounds like the old Helstar but better. James Rivera is also one of my all time favorite singers and he is at his best. If you like Helstar then you will love this. Everything is great and well produced. *The Troopers Top Pick*

Dillinger Escape Plan

Dimmu Borgir



Earth Crisis

Edge of Sanity





The Trooper's Review:
"Clandestine" is one of the finest Death Metal albums of the nineties. "Wolverine Blues" is also another great album from the nineties.
Four stars also to the "Morning Star" album. I think Entombed had gone up and down over the years with the changing of their style on their later albums and were moving away from what has made them great. But now these days have past and Entombed are back in form and sounding better than ever. The "Morning Star" album really sounds great! It along with the other two albums are the best without a doubt. ~The Trooper.


Extreme Noise Terror


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