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2000's Metal Bands

40 Grit

All That Remains

American Head Charge

Apollyon Sun

Beyond The Embrace



The Trooper's Review:
**One of the Trooper's Top Picks**
Five Stars to Bludgeon on their debut album. This is an unbelievable album and one of the best metal albums that I have heard in a long time, and It's hard to believe it's only their first album. This is a great metal album!

Brick Bath

Burning Inside

The Trooper's Review:
"The Eve of the Entities" is one of the best death metal albums I have ever heard. This album is great. Every song sounds different and is well produced and has very good musicianship. This album sounds like a progressive death metal album but is still very heavy. This could be a side project, but hopefully they stay together and make more great albums. **Trust The Trooper and buy this album now through one of our CDNOW links.** Metal Rulz!

Burnt By The Sun



The Defaced

Demons & Wizards


The Trooper's Review:
**One of The Trooper's Top Picks**
"Rapture" is a great debut album. Besides being one of the most talented metal bands out there today, they have one of the best sounds I have ever heard. It's not too often that I can find a band that can put out a 5-Star debut album. This album is a great metal album! They fast became one of my new favorite bands and I hope they stay together for a long time. *The Trooper...Metal Rulz Forever.

Dream Evil

Dreams Of Damnation


The Forsaken


God Forbid



High On Fire

Ill Nino



Killswitch Engage

The Trooper's Review:
Four stars to Killswitch Engage and their 2nd album, "Alive Or Just Breathing". This band is a young and talented Metalcore band that is on the rise. They seem to be moving in the right direction with the album mixed and mastered by the famous Andy Sneap, who has always done a great job. The album flows good and sounds great. Killswitch Engage may become very big in the metal world if they continue down the right path. Their next two releases will tell the tale. The Trooper.

Kings Evil

Lamb Of God

The Trooper's Review:
Four stars to "New American Gospel", Lamb Of God's first album under their new name. This is pure American metal and the album is heavy and sounds great. Although the vocals are hard to make out on about half of the album, the music will keep you into it. I cannot wait until the next release because I think it will be even better. Lamb of God may become one of America's most popular underground Metal bands of the near future. ~The Trooper.

Murder Squad



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