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90's Metal Bands


Ex-grim reaper and onslaught singer Steve Grimmett formed this band with twin brothers Mark and Steve Owens, Graham Collett, and Anthony Christmas. The first album was called Lionsheart and was released in 1992. The second album was I believe "Pride In Tact", released in 1994. The third was "Under Fire" but not sure of the date released. The last two albums are imports and very hard to find.

The Trooper's Review:
Lionsheart's first album is the group's best! Also, Steve's vocals on this album are great! This is a rare and hard to find album. If you would like a copy please email me and I will see what I can do. The Trooper.

Machine Head


Malevolent Creation

The Trooper's Review:
"The Fine Art of Murder" is a great 90's death metal album and it is very heavy.



The Trooper's Review:
The 1991 album "From Beyond" is one of the first true classic death metal albums of all time. This album is heavy and should be in everyone's metal collection.





Monster Magnet


My Dying Bride


The Trooper's Review:
The band's album "Dead Heart In A Dead World" is a great new album. The lyrics, singing and music all go wonderful together and reminds me of the new Judas Priest, old Metal Church and Queensryche rolled into one. The album really sounds great and is their best to date.


Old Man's Child


The Trooper's Review:
Four Stars to Opeth and their Blackwater Park album. Although I do not really like long songs, Opeth has a way of not making the songs boring. Opeth are also very talented musicians who make excellent music together. In my opinion, "Blackwater Park" seems to be the bands best album to date. ~The Trooper.


The Trooper's Review:
"The Great Southern Trendkill" and their new album "Reinventing the Steel" are two great 90's albums and are two of my all time favorites!

Paradise Lost

Pearl Jam

Pissing Razors

Primal Fear


The Trooper's Review:
"Anti-Pop" is one of my all time favorite albums and their best to date.


The Trooper's Review:
Prong's "Rude Awakening" is my personal favorite album by the band and I believe this is the last album. The album has a strong industrial sound and is great.


Rage Against the Machine

Rotting Christ



Seven Witches

Shadows Fall

Six Feet Under

The Trooper's Review:
The bands 2nd album "Warpath" and the 3rd "Maximum Violence" are two of the best death metal albums of the 90's and two of my all-time favorites. If you don't have these two albums then you'd better fucken wake up!
The Band's "Graveyard Classics" album of Cover Songs is a badass album and deserves 4 stars from the Trooper.
The New Album for 2001, "True Carnage" gets 4 stars from The Trooper since it's a very good album but just doesn't come close to their past work like "Warpath" and "Maximum Violence".


The Trooper's Review:
Skinlab's 2nd album "Disembody: The New Flesh" is one of the most powerful new albums of the late 1990's. They have a great new sound that is different from other 90's bands and is well produced. Check it out if your looking for a change.
Also, Five Stars to Skinlab's 2002 release "Revolting Room". This album sounds great and is very powerful. Any Metalhead will love it! With this monster album Skinlab should become one of the leading metal bands of the new millennium. If you don't have this album then what the fuck are you waiting for? The Trooper~

Soilent Green


The Trooper's Review:
**One of The Trooper's Top Picks**
Five stars to soilwork and their album "Natural Born Chaos". They have hit the nail on the head with this album. To me this album sounds like a totally different band. It's amazing! The album is unbelievable. Everything about it is great! The band is a very talented group of musicians, which has changed their style for the better. Their old style was good, but the new style is great. They have finally found their true sound in metal. This is to me one of the greatest metal albums that I have ever heard. I hope they stay on the same track forever. This is one of the greatest metal albums ever made. The Trooper. Metal Rules!

Solitude Aeturnus


Spiral Architect

Spiritual Beggars

Steel Prophet


System Of A Down

The Trooper's Review:
"Toxicity" is the bands 2nd release and is a monster album. It has some badass songs and the music and production sounds great! The album is way better than the first one. Try it for some different metal...The Trooper.


The Trooper's Review:
Suicide Pact You First is Therapy's best album to date. It has a very different style in sound and lyrics on each song, and is one of my favorite newer metal albums. Great work!
Four stars also goes to the "Shameless" album. It's a very good album but I rather "Suicide Pact You First" more. The Trooper.



The Trooper's Review:
"Aenima" sounds great and is a badass album. Their best to date.


Vision of Disorder

The Trooper's Review:
"Imprint" is a great heavy album from the 90's, one of the best this decade and the sound is like no other. It's really original and jams if you like heavy music.

White Zombie


The Trooper's Review:
The S.F.T.D. Album is thier best to date, and they are one of the best Black Metal bands of today.


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